18 The Importance of Safety and Security for Tourism Destinations Academic Article uri icon


  • Although tourism experiences are primarily about the pursuit of pleasure for the tourist, there are considerable elements of risk associated with both travel and tourism. International tourists might be faced with many dangers ranging from wars, terrorist attacks and crime, to natural disasters, epidemics, transport accidents, food poisoning and even wild animals (Durrheim and Leggat, 1999; Pizam, 1999; Peattie et al., 2005; Pizam and Mansfeld, 2006; Tarlow, 2006; Wilks, 2006; Larsen et al., 2007; Howard, 2009; Bentley et al., 2010). These kinds of episodes are not confined to any particular geographical regions, as crises respect no political or cultural boundaries (Santana, 2004). According to Dwyer et al.(2009), factors such as international terrorism, security, infectious diseases and tourism safety consciousness are likely to continue over the next 15 years and, as global trends, would …

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  • January 1, 2011