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  • The problem of optimal actuation for channel and source coding was recently formulated and solved in a number of relevant scenarios. In this class of models, actions are taken at encoders or decoders, either to acquire side information in an efficient way or to control or probe effectively the channel state. In this paper, the problem of embedding information on the actions is studied for both the source and the channel coding setups. In both cases, a decoder is present that observes only a function of the actions taken by an encoder or a decoder of an action-dependent point-to-point link. For the source coding model, this decoder wishes to reconstruct a lossy version of the source being transmitted over the point-to-point link, while for the channel coding problem, the decoder wishes to retrieve a portion of the message conveyed over the link. For the problem of source coding with actions taken at the decoder, a single letter characterization of the set of all achievable tuples of rate, distortions at the two decoders, and action cost is derived, under the assumption that the mentioned decoder observes a function of the actions noncausally, strictly causally or causally. A special case of the problem in which the actions are taken by the encoder is also solved. A single-letter characterization of the achievable capacity-cost region is then obtained for the channel coding setup with actions. Examples are provided that shed light into the effect of information embedding on the actions for the action-dependent source and channel coding problems.

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  • January 1, 2014