Trauma and memory : reading, healing, and making law Book uri icon


  • Contents Preface 000 Contributors 000 Part I: Introduction 000 Chapter 1 Trauma and Memory: Between Individual and Collective Experiences 000 Austin Sarat, Nadav Davidovitch, Michal Alberstein Part II: Constitutive Trauma: Cultural Representations and Identities 000 Chapter 2 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder of the Virtual Kind: Trauma and Resilience in Post-9/11 America 000 Allan Young Chapter 3 Female Trauma 000 Ariella Azoulay Chapter 4 The Trauma of al-Nakba: Collective Memory and the Rise of Palestinian National Identity 000 Issam Nassar Chapter 5 Trauma Image: The Elephant Experience 000 Roei Amit Part III: Trauma and the Professions 000 Chapter 6 Trauma and Justice: The Moral Grammar of Trauma Discourse from Wilhelmine Germany to Post- Apartheid South Africa 000 Jose Brunner Chapter 7 Public Health, Law, and Traumatic Collective Experiences: The Case of Mass Ringworm Irradiations 000 Nadav Davidovitch and Avital Margalit Chapter 8 "Illegality," Mass Deportation, and the Threat of Violent Arrest: Structural Violence and Social Suffering in the Lives of Undocumented Migrant Workers in Israel 000 Sarah S. Willen Chapter 9 Trauma, Memory, and Euthanasia at the Nuremberg Medical Trial, 1946\-1947 000 Etienne Lepicard Chapter 10 Trauma or Responsibility?: Memories and Historiographies of Nazi Psychiatry in Postwar Germany 000 Volker Roelcke Part IV: Trauma, Healing, and Forgiveness 000 Chapter 11 Trauma, Retribution, and Forgiveness: Should War Criminals Go Free? 000 Daniel Statman Chapter 12 The Secrets of Mediation and Trauma in Contemporary Film: A Search from the Perspective of Restorative Justice 000 Michal Alberstein Chapter 13 Healing Stories in Law and Literature 000 Shulamit Almog Index 000

publication date

  • January 1, 2008