On the combustion of sprays of liquid fuels and liquid oxidizers in a diffusion flame in a shear layer flow Academic Article uri icon


  • Two unidirectional streams of different velocities are considered here. One of the streams carries a multisize (polydisperse) spray of fuel droplets, and the other stream carries a multisize spray of droplets of a liquid oxidizer. In both streams, droplets of different sizes are assumed to travel at different longitudinal velocities, that is, drop-size-correlated velocities are assumed here. The lateral spread of the fuel vapor and the vapors produced by the droplets of the liquid, oxidizer are analyzed and their effect on the spray diffusion flame is examined. The present results indicate that not only does the fuel drop-size distribution have a profound effect on flame location and flame temperature, but the liquid oxidizer's drop-size distribution also plays an important role in determining flame properties. Specifically when the droplet distribution of the liquid oxidizer is polydisperse, a higher flame temperature can be obtained if larger amounts of smaller droplets are present in the drop-size histogram.

publication date

  • January 1, 2000