Mathematical modeling of drying of liquid/solid slurries in steady state one-dimensional flow Academic Article uri icon


  • A mathematical model of simultaneous mass, heat and momentum transfer for two-phase flow of a gas and a solid/liquid slurry was developed. The model was applied to calculation of the drying process of coal-water slurry droplets in a gas medium in a steady one-dimensional flow. The model was based on the well-known two-stage drying process for slurry droplets. After the first period of drying, in which the evaporation rate is controlled by the gas phase resistance, the evaporating liquid diffuses through the porous shell (crust) and then, by convection, into the gas medium. Inside the dry external crust of the drop, a wet central core forms, which shrinks as evaporation proceeds. The temperature of the slurry droplet rises. The process ends when the temperature of the dry outer crust reaches the coal ignition temperature in the case of combustion or when the moisture of the particle reaches the final required moisture. The developed model was based on one-dimensional balance equations of mass, energy and momentum for the liquid/solid and gas phases. The system of governing equations was represented by first-order differential equations and solved simultaneously. The numerical solution of the governing equations was obtained using Gear's method. The model permitted calculation

publication date

  • January 1, 1995