Developmental regulation of HSP83 in Leishmania: transcript levels are controlled by the efficiency of 3? RNA processing and preferential translation is directed by... Academic Article uri icon


  • Summary Developmental gene regulation in trypanosomatids proceeds exclusively by posttranscriptional mechanisms. Stability and abundance of HSP70 and HSP83 transcripts in Leishmania increase at mammalian-like temperatures and their translation is enhanced. Here we report that the 3'UTR of HSP83 (886 nts) confers the temperature dependent pattern of regulation on a CAT reporter transcript. We also show that the majority of the 3'UTR sequences are required for increasing mRNA stability during heat shock. Processing of the HSP70 and HSP83 primary transcripts to poly A+ mRNA was more efficient during heat shock and therefore, even when stability at 33oC was reduced by deletions in the 3'UTR, transcripts still accumulated to comparable and even higher levels. Translation of heat shock transcripts in Leishmania increases dramatically upon temperature elevation …

publication date

  • January 1, 2001