White-matter individual differences as a biomarker for stress disorders Academic Article uri icon


  • Results: Twenty patients (five females) and fifteen healthy controls (six females) participated in the study. The groups did not statistically differ in age, gender, education level and marital status. As expected, statistically significant differences between the groups were observed in the anxiety and depression scales HAMA, BAI and BDI. Cognitive impairment was measured by TMT-A and TMT-B. The mean time of TMT-A in patients was 42.95 소 18.62 seconds and in TMT-B 115.45 소 62.05 seconds. In healthy controls the mean time form TMT-A was 25.07 소 8.34 seconds and TMT-B was 72.27 소 28.76 seconds. Frontal delta and theta EEG sources showed significantly higher activity in the whole group of OCD patients than in control subjects. Subsequent analysis revealed that this excess of low-frequency activity was present only in the subgroup of 11 patients with cognitive impairment (based on the …

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  • January 1, 2016