Mutual Composition Transformations Among 2D/3D Organolead Halide Perovskites and Mechanisms Behind Academic Article uri icon


  • Post‐deposition processing of organolead halide films, by exposure to alkyl amine vapor and composition transformation, is an attractive approach for the formation of high‐quality and large‐scale perovskite films of desired compositions. However, the generalization of such composition transformation requires further understanding of the mechanism of the process. In this work MAPbI3, BA2PbI4, and OA2PbI4 (MA+: CH3NH3+, BA+: C4H9NH3+, and OA+: C8H17NH3+) are chosen as typical representatives of 3D and 2D organolead halide perovskites, and their transformations are systematically studied. It is found that the transformation can universally take place among these organolead iodides, irrespective of either from 3D to 2D or from 2D to 3D form. The important intermediates in these transformations have been identified to be alkyl amine‐bound lead iodides of well …

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  • January 1, 2018