Scattering-Induced Absorption Acts as a Cancer Treatment Monitor Academic Article uri icon


  • Uncontrolled growth of ovarian cancer cells is the fifth leading cause of female cancer deaths. Here, we describe the role of scattering-induced absorption in monitoring the cancer treatment efficiency in real-time. We measure the optical interaction between the evanescent fields of microfiber and ovarian cancer inter-cellular medium at different treatment stages. By introducing the roughness of silica glass, we demonstrate that the treatment of tumor cells with GDC0032, a beta-sparing PI3K, induces both cells growth arrest and alter the spectral lines in a dose-dependent manner. The data support observed affected tumor cells with decrease in proliferation and their spatial distribution. Spectral absorption signatures are correlated with optical micrographs and western blot tests. These observations are mediated by surface scatterers out of silica glass material, form an essential step toward the development of early detection of response to cancer therapy.

publication date

  • 2019