Nitrogen prediction in potato petioles based on spectral data and hyperspectral images Academic Article uri icon


  • Materials and methods Five N fertilization treatments with two replicates were conducted in a potato field in the Negev region (southern lsrael) on a sandy loam soil. The treatment included commercial treatment with 400 nitrogen units per hectare (Urea), one treatment with no in season nitrogen at all and three treatments fertilized with 80%, 60% and 25% of the commercial N quantity with control release nitrogen (multigro 43-0-0). On days 50, 75, 90 and 100 after seeding in the spring season of 2006, spectral reflectance of leaves was measured using HR2000 spectrometer (OceanOptics Inc., FL) in the range of 400-1100nm with spectral resolution of 1.5 nm. In each replicate 20 leaves were measured in five plants (4 leaves per plant). The spectral data from the second acquisition day was corrupt and was not used for this analysis. In the second and the forth acquisition days, chlorophyll …

publication date

  • June 3, 2007