Understanding tev-band cosmic-ray anisotropy Academic Article uri icon


  • We investigate the temporal and spectral correlations between flux and anisotropy fluctuations of TeV-band cosmic rays in the light of recent data taken with IceCube. We find that for a conventional distribution of cosmic-ray sources the dipole anisotropy is higher than observed, even if source discreteness is taken into account. Moreover, even for a shallow distribution of galactic cosmic-ray sources and a reacceleration model, fluctuations arising from source discreteness provide a probability only of the order of 10% that the cosmic-ray anisotropy limits of the recent IceCube analysis are met. This probability estimate is nearly independent of the exact choice of source rate, but generous for a large halo size. The location of the intensity maximum far from the Galactic Center is naturally reproduced.

publication date

  • January 1, 2013