Attosecond pulse trains generated with oriented molecules Conference Paper uri icon


  • Parity conservation requires that any systems with inversion symmetry can only yield odd harmonics. For intense pulses that create high harmonics, at the single molecule level odd harmonics arise because the re- collision wave packet arrives from opposite directions each ½ period leading to a time dependent dipole moment of equal amplitude and alternating sign for homonuclear molecules. For molecules that do not possess inversion symmetry, the re-collision electron wave packet can have a different amplitude and phase on each half period. Only odd harmonics are possible whenever the medium as a whole is symmetric, even if the individual components do not possess inversion symmetry. Therefore, a random distribution of hetronuclear molecules must produce odd harmonics … Figure1: Spectral interference lies at the heart of high harmonic generation from oriented molecules … In our presentation we will show how asymmetry …

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  • May 6, 2012