A measurement of the QCD colour factor ratios CA/CF and TF/CF from angular correlations in four-jet events Academic Article uri icon


  • From 1 105 045 hadronic Z0 decays observed with the OPAL detector at the LEP e+e− collider, 21 732 four-jet events are selected. A simultaneous fit of three selected angular variables from these events by the second order QCD matrix element calculation yieldsC A /C F =2.11±0.16(stat.)±0.28(syst.)T F /C F =0.40±0.11(stat.)±0.14(syst.) for the ratios of colour factors, in agreement with SU(3) expectations ofC A /C F =9/4 andT F /C F =3/8.


publication date

  • January 1, 1995