Tridimensional personality questionnaire trait of harm avoidance (anxiety proneness) is linked to a locus on chromosome 8p21 Academic Article uri icon


  • Human personality traits are moderately heritable but only recently have specific polymorphisms been associated with particular personality dimensions especially anxiety-related and novelty-seeking traits. The first genome-wide scan for personality traits was recently carried out by Cloninger et al. [1998: Am J Med Genet 81:313–317] and his colleagues and they reported that a region on 8p21 showed linkage to TPQ Harm Avoidance, an anxiety-related personality trait. Towards replicating and extending these results, we examined both 8p21 and two additional chromosomal regions (1q21–24 and 22q12–13) for linkage to TPQ personality traits by genotyping at least three microsatellite markers in each region in a group of 384 sibling pairs. We found evidence for linkage to TPQ HA at 8p21–23 (Lod score = 2.907) confirming in an independent sample the initial findings by Cloninger and his colleagues. © 2003 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

publication date

  • January 1, 2003