Odderon and seven Pomerons: QCD Reggeon field theory from JIMWLK evolution Academic Article uri icon


  • We reinterpret the JIMWLK/KLWMIJ evolution equation as the QCD Reggeon field theory (RFT). The basic" quantum Reggeon field" in this theory is the unitary matrix R which represents the single gluon scattering matrix. We discuss the peculiarities of the Hilbert space on which the RFT Hamiltonian acts. We develop a perturbative expansion in the RFT framework, and find several eigenstates of the zeroth order Hamiltonian. The zeroth order of this perturbation preserves the number of s—channel gluons. The eigenstates have a natural interpretation in terms of the t—channel exchanges. Studying the single s—channel gluon sector we find the eigenstates which include the reggeized gluon and five other colored Reggeons. In the two (s—channel) gluon sector we study only singlet color exchanges. We find five charge conjugation even states. The bound state of two …

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  • January 1, 2007