Thermo-Poro-Elastic Effects in Landslide Dynamics Conference Paper uri icon


  • Landslides are a significant natural hazard, yet many aspects of the dynamics of slide initiation and motion remain unclear. We present analysis pertaining to the role of thermo- poro-elastic mechanisms in these dynamics. Thermo-poro-elastic (TPE) affects arise when a porous, fluid-filled, shear zone is heated, either via frictional heating during sliding or from external sources such as dikes. If fluid diffusion is relatively slow, elevated temperature will cause pore pressure to rise, reducing the layer strength and its resistance to sliding. This mechanism affects both the initiation and dynamics of slide motion. We present three separate studies, all linked by the common thread of thermo-poro-elasticity: Large slide initiation: This study focuses on the enigmatic initiation of the largest known subaerial landslide, the Heart Mountain slide, where a whole mountain range slid 50 kms down a …

publication date

  • January 1, 2009