A cluster of cytoplasmic histidine residues specifies pH dependence of the AE2 plasma membrane anion exchanger. Academic Article uri icon


  • Intracellular pH is maintained by a dynamic equilibrium balancing the opposing forces of proton loading and proton extrusion. By providing an efflux pathway for base, anion exchangers constitute a key component of the plasma membrane proton-loading machinery. The data in this paper identify a histidine-rich sequence within the cytoplasmic domain of the nonerythroid anion exchanger, AE2, that serves as an intracellular pH “sensor” that modulates anion exchange activity within the physiological range of cytoplasmic pH. These data reveal an interaction between the two major domains of the anion exchanger and suggest a novel substrate feedback mechanism by which intracellular protons directly control the activity of an acid-loading plasma membrane ion transporter.

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  • January 1, 1996

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