The role of pain catastrophizing in eliciting pain, distress, and suicidality among chronic pain patients Academic Article uri icon


  • Background: Successful management of chronic pain entails daily use of coping strategies. The goal of these two studies was to examine the role of pain catastrophizing and acceptance in predicting pain, disability, distress, and suicidality. Methods: Study 1 428 chronic pain patients treated at two outpatient pain specialty pain clinics completed a battery of self-report measures examining pain catastrophizing, depression, anxiety, pain, and pain related disability in four assessment waves (mean interval= 7 months). In order to test the longitudinal effects, we used structural equation modeling (SEM) and averaged participants' times 2-4 to create a new two wave model. Study 2 166 patients completed measures including coping, pain acceptance, pain, depression, hope, interpersonal predictors of suicidality, and suicide ideation. Stepwise Logistic Regression was used to predict …

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  • December 31, 2016