Magnetic flux concentrations from turbulent stratified convection Academic Article uri icon


  • Context. The formation of magnetic flux concentrations within the solar convection zone leading to sunspot formation is unexplained. Aims. We study the self-organization of initially uniform sub-equipartition magnetic fields by highly stratified turbulent convection. Methods. We perform simulations of magnetoconvection in Cartesian domains representing the uppermost 8.5− 24 Mm of the solar convection zone with the horizontal size of the domain varying between 34 and 96 Mm. The density contrast in the 24 Mm deep models is more than 3× 10 3 or eight density scale heights, corresponding to a little over 12 pressure scale heights. We impose either a vertical or a horizontal uniform magnetic field in a convection- driven turbulent flow in set-ups where no small-scale dynamos are present. In the most highly stratified cases we employ the reduced sound speed method to relax the time step …

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  • April 1, 2016