Directed Assembly of Au-Tipped 1D Inorganic Nanostructures via Nanolithographic Docking Academic Article uri icon


  • Controlled assembly of nanostructures is a key challenge in nanotechnology. In this work, we introduce an approach for the controlled assembly of 1D nanodumbbells—Au-tipped semiconductor nanorods—into arbitrary 2D higher architectures, by their chemical docking to nanopatterned functionalities. We realized the docking functionalities via nanoimprinted metallic nanodots functionalized with an organic monolayer, whose terminal thiol groups chemically bind the nanodumbbell tips. We demonstrated that the functional nanopattern encodes the nanodumbbell assembly and can be designed to deterministically position nanodumbbells in two possible modes. In the single-docking mode, the nanodot arrays are designed with a spacing that exceeds the nanodumbbell length, restricting each nanodumbbell to dock with one edge and physically connect with its free edge to one of the neighboring nanodumbbells. Alternatively, in the double-docking mode, the nanodots are spaced to exactly fit the nanodumbbell length, allowing nanodu...

publication date

  • January 1, 2018