Tasselled Cap transform for change detection in the drylands: Findings for SPOT and Landsat satellites using FOSS tools Academic Article uri icon


  • In remote sensing, linear transformation methods like the Tasselled Cap (TC) transform have the advantage of reducing the amount and redundancy of data, providing different information in derived components. The TC transform though, has never been specifically developed to perform the study of desert areas. This paper addresses this issue discussing the possible approaches and performing the calculation of a new set of TC transform parameters for SPOT4 and Landsat5 satellites for Top of Atmosphere Reflectance images of selected arid and semi-arid locations in the Middle East and the USA. Compared to previously calculated transforms, results show some differences explained by desert conditions and give the chance for a proper use of this technique in change detection for drylands.

publication date

  • January 1, 2015