Fictitious spin-1 2 operators and correlations in quadrupole nuclear spin system Academic Article uri icon


  • The Hamiltonian and the spin operators for a spin 3/2 are represented in the basis formed by the Kronecker productions of the 2×2 Pauli matrices. This reformulation allows us to represent a spin 3/2 as a system of two coupled fictitious spins 1/2. Correlations between these fictitious spins are studied using well-developed methods. We investigate the temperature and field dependences of correlations, such as mutual information, classical correlations, entanglement, and geometric and quantum discords in the fictitious spin-1/2 system describing a nuclear spin 3/2 which is placed in magnetic and inhomogeneous electric fields. It is shown that the correlations between the fictitious spins demonstrate properties which differ from those of real two-spin systems. In contrast to real systems all the correlations between the fictitious spins do not vanish with increasing external magnetic field; at a high magnetic field the correlations tend to their limiting values. Classical correlations, quantum and geometric ...

publication date

  • January 1, 2018