Analytic formulae for the refractive indices and the propagation angles in biaxial and gyrotropic media Academic Article uri icon


  • The interest in the optics of anisotropic media has grown recently because of their importance in passive and active devices [1–5]. The anisotropy of these devices can be inherent to the structure or induced by external fields. To understand the electromagnetic wave propagation, reflection and transmission properties it is essential to determine the propagation wave vectors. When light propagates through these structures two forward propagating characteristic waves are excited with different propagation vectors. The determination of these characteristic propagation vectors or equivalently the refractive indices is generally obtained numerically by solving a dispersion equation known as Booker's quartic [6, 7]. Analytic expressions for the refractive indices and the propagation directions exist only for some special cases such as normal incidence and propagation along one of the principal axes or for uniaxial media with symmetric dielectric tensor [5 …

publication date

  • January 1, 1998