Effects of uncertainty on switching abilities in Parkinson's disease (PD) Academic Article uri icon


  • The laser evoked potential (LEP) is characterised by a negative peak at* 240 msec and a positive peak at 3.50-400 msec after stimulation. Competing interpretations are that:(1) the LEP measures the sensory aspects of pain;(2) although components relating to painfulness of the stimulus exist, because the topography, latency and stimulus characteristics of LEPs resemble P300 “odd-hall” potentials, the LEP includes components relating to cognitive processing of pain. To assess these interpretations we tested whether LEPs can be manipulated by cognitive factors which included the degree of attention paid to the stimulus (experiment 1, n= 9) and odd-bal1 and task P300 stimulus presentations (experiment 2, n= 10). A CO, laser was used for stimulation of the dorsal aspect of the hand. The wave forms in experiment 1 exhibit characteristic LEP peaks. Multivariate analysis of peak parameters …

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  • January 1, 1995