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  • We would like to thank the commentators for their thoughtful remarks. Their comments contribute to the ongoing work that our article summarized, work that has been carried out over a period of 15 years in collaboration with many researchers and clinicians, among them: Y. Bilu, T. Buchbinder, D. Budowski, N. Daie, D. Greenberg, N. Grisaru, S. Heilman and O. Van der Hart. In responding, we will try to put our ideas into context, correct some misunderstandings and take up some of the commentators' interesting suggestions. In our article, we chose five cases, four of which had been described and analyzed in detail in previous publications. This meant paying a price in terms of a detailed, contextualized and rich account. In compensation, we were able to point to common features in the individual narratives and treatments. We explored not only the non-human aspect of the narratives …

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  • January 1, 1999