The Homogenization Problem in Sintered Alloys Academic Article uri icon


  • The present study contains a detailed analysis of the sintering process at temperatures at which one of the components is in a liquid state. Experimental results were obtained for the Fe-Cu system containing 5 wt.% copper. Completion of the sintering process is accompanied by achievement of homogeneity in composition. The different stages of homogenization were observed by methods of optical microscopy, hot—stage metallography, scanning electron microscopy plus EDAX and microprobe analysis. At small amounts of copper the process consists of the following stages: dissolution of iron in the liquid copper, covering of iron granule surfaces by liquid solution; penetration of Cu into the Fe matrix; migration of the copper atoms towards a uniform distribution. At higher amounts the process is complicated by penetration of the liquid phase at the granular interfaces …

publication date

  • February 21, 1984