Genetic variability in Turkmen populations of Pistacia vera L. Academic Article uri icon


  • Seedlings of Pistacia vera L. developed from seeds of two separate populations in Turkmenistan, Kepele and Agachli, were evaluated for their growth potential and genetic polymorphism. Plant growth rate as well as random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis showed distinct differences between the two populations. In plant height growth rate, 17 Agachli accessions were 1.3 times higher on average than that of 10 accessions of Kepele (significant at p= 0.046) and 1.2 times higher for trunk diameter growth rate (p= 0.062). Cluster analysis divided most accessions into two main genetic groups according to their geographic origin. The Agachli group was further divided into two subgroups. One Kepele accession (K4), was genetically different from the rest and clustered on a separate outgroup. Two Agachli accessions (A12 and A17) were outside the two main populations …

publication date

  • June 1, 2003