Fast energy transfer from donor pairs to single acceptors in a Cr 3+, Nd 3+-doped YAlO 3 crystal Academic Article uri icon


  • Recently, we have studied and evaluated the non-radiative energy transfer between Cr 3+ and Nd 3+ in various crystals [4, 7–11]. By performing low-temperature site selection spectroscopy, we were able to selectively excite luminescent impurity ions which exist in sites which are subtly different from the main site in which such ions occur; these sites are called multisites. The energy transfer properties of such sites are quite different than the main site, often exhibiting a very fast initial transfer between donors and acceptors. We have modeled this type of transfer in several ways, as has been reviewed in Ref. [9] … Beside the pairing that may occur between Cr 3+ donors and Nd 3+ acceptors, Cr 3+ ions themselves often enter oxide crystals in pairs, colocating next to one another. This can have a major effect on the spectroscopic properties of the Cr 3+ ions; in YAP at 4 K, the single-ion chromium R-line emissions occur at 723 …

publication date

  • January 1, 1999