Know-how mapping: From i* to ME-maps Conference Paper uri icon


  • Abstract. Much of the knowledge in technology domains is “how-to” knowledge that offers solutions to problems, or means to achieve desired ends. In previous work we illustrated how i*-based goal modeling can be used to map out the state of the art in a technical domain, detect gaps, and recognize advances. Our recent work, which includes user studies, suggests that the full expressiveness of i* may not be necessary for mapping know- how. In this paper, we propose ME-maps, a know-how mapping technique inspired by, but simpler than i*, with the aim of easier and wider adoption. We propose to use CmapTools, a widely-used platform for concept mapping, to support the collaborative construction and sharing of know-how maps. Lessons learned from this initiative could potentially inform the ongoing evolution and refinement of i*.

publication date

  • January 1, 2014