In-House Solution for the RecSys Challenge 2015 Conference Paper uri icon


  • RecSys Challenge 2015 is about predicting the items a user will buy in a given click session. We describe the in-house solution to the challenge as guided by the YOOCHOOSE team. The presented solution achieved 14th place in the challenge's final leaderboard with a score of 51,932 points, while the winner obtained 63,102 points. We suggest two simple and easy to reconstruct approaches for obtaining a prediction in each session. In the first approach we suggest one classifier to determine whether each item in the session will be bought. In the second approach we suggest a two level classification model in which the first level determines whether the session is going to end with a purchase or not, and if it ends with a purchase, the second level classification determines the items that are going to be purchased.

publication date

  • January 1, 2015