Spherical microphone array processing of room impulse response data using frequency smoothing and singular-value decomposition Academic Article uri icon


  • Room impulse responses (RIRs) play an important role in acoustical signal processing and room acoustics analysis. The problem of estimating the directions-of-arrival (DOA) of a source in a room and its reflections using RIR data and microphone arrays, is considered. Optimal array processing methods proposed for sound field analysis using spherical microphone array are utilized. Because of the possible coherence between the signals, these methods cannot be used directly, and a preprocessing technique is typically needed. Recently, frequency smoothing (FS) as a preprocessing technique has been developed for spherical microphone arrays. Although FS has already been developed for the general case, the study of its performance in a comprehensive manner, for spherical microphone arrays with RIR data has not been previously presented. Therefore, theoretical analysis of the signal matrix structure using RIR data is performed. The conclusions from this analysis may lead to an optimization of the smoothing process....

publication date

  • January 1, 2012