CLASH-VLT: A highly precise strong lensing model of the galaxy cluster RXC J2248. 7- 4431 (Abell S1063) and prospects for cosmography Academic Article uri icon


  • Aims. We perform a comprehensive study of the total mass distribution of the galaxy cluster RXC J2248. 7− 4431 (z= 0.348) with a set of high-precision strong lensing models, which take advantage of extensive spectroscopic information on many multiply lensed systems. In the effort to understand and quantify inherent systematics in parametric strong lensing modelling, we explore a collection of 22 models in which we use different samples of multiple image families, different parametrizations of the mass distribution and cosmological parameters. Methods. As input information for the strong lensing models, we use the Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble (CLASH) imaging data and spectroscopic follow-up observations, with the VIsible Multi-Object Spectrograph (VIMOS) and Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) on the Very Large Telescope (VLT), to identify and …


publication date

  • March 1, 2016