A Phase Front Instability in Periodically Forced Oscillatory Systems Academic Article uri icon


  • Multiplicity of phase states within frequency locked bands in periodically forced oscillatory systems may give rise to front structures separating states with different phases. A new front instability is found within bands where ${\ensuremath{\omega}}_{\mathrm{forcing}}/{\ensuremath{\omega}}_{\mathrm{system}}\phantom{\rule{0ex}{0ex}}=\phantom{\rule{0ex}{0ex}}2n$ ( $n>1$). Stationary fronts shifting the oscillation phase by $\ensuremath{\pi}$ lose stability below a critical forcing strength and decompose into $n$ traveling fronts each shifting the phase by $\ensuremath{\pi}/n$. The instability designates a transition from stationary two-phase patterns to traveling $n$-phase patterns.

publication date

  • June 1, 1998