Study of solidification in vertical cylindrical shells Academic Article uri icon


  • The present study explores numerically the process of solidification of a phase change material (PCM) in cylindrical shells with a vertical axis. The material properties used in the simulations are based on a commercially available paraffin wax, which is manufactured to be used mainly in latentheat-based heat storage systems. A parametric investigation is performed for solidification in cylindrical shells of 10, 20 and 40mm in diameter. The initial temperature of the system is uniform, at few degrees above the melting point of the material. The process starts with a step change in the wall temperature to a new uniform value, from 10 C to 50 C below the mean solidification temperature of the PCM. The bottom of the shell is either adiabatic or follows the wall temperature. Transient numerical simulations are performed using Fluent 6.2 code. These simulations show the whole solidification …

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  • May 18, 2008