Propagation of oblique waves in a relativistic electron-positron plasma Academic Article uri icon


  • The propagation of oblique waves in a magnetoactive relativistic electron--positron plasma is investigated. It is shown that there exists a purely transverse electromagnetic wave with linear polarization and a" vacuum" nature of the dispersion. On the basis of the obtained results and in the framework of the maser mechanism of the radio emission of pulsars, the linear polarization of the radio pulses of the pulsar NP 0532 is given a qualitative explanation. i. Introduction The study of the excitation and propagation of waves in a magnetized relativistic electron--positron plasma is very important for interpreting the radiation of pulsars. Sturrock [I] showed that in the polar regions cut by open lines of force (lines of force that go beyond the light cylinder) electron--positron pairs are produced. In the case of the pulsar NP 0532, which is in the Crab Nebula, these pairs form a …

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  • January 1, 1983