What can we gain from supersonic operation of diode pumped alkali lasers: model calculations Academic Article uri icon


  • We explore the feasibility of supersonic operation of diode pumped alkali lasers (DPALs) applying model calculations. The power and efficiency of Cs and K atoms DPALs are estimated based on a semi-analytical model previously used for studying static and subsonic flow DPALs. The operation of supersonic lasers is compared with that measured and modeled in subsonic lasers. The maximum power of supersonic Cs and K lasers is found to be higher than that of subsonic lasers with the same resonator and alkali density at the laser inlet by 25% and 70%, respectively. These results indicate that for scaling-up the power of DPALs, supersonic expansion should be considered. Work in progress applying three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics modeling of supersonic DPALs is also reported.

publication date

  • October 15, 2013