Modeling representative Gen-IV molten fuel reactivity effects in the ZEPHYR fast/thermal coupled ZPRs. Part I-Assembly level Academic Article uri icon


  • Summary The comprehension of severe criticality accident is a key issue in Gen-IV neutronics and safety. Within the future zero-power experimental physics reactor (ZEPHYR), to be built in Cadarache in the next decade, innovative approaches to reproduce high temperature partially degraded Gen-IV cores into a critical facility is being investigated. This work presents the first attempt to represent a fuel assembly of sodium-cooled fast reactor severe criticality accident based on surrogate models. One identified way to construct such representative configuration is to use MASURCA plates stockpile (MOX, UOx, Na, U, and Pu metal) in a fast/thermal coupled core to model a stratified molten assembly. The present study is the first step in a more global approach to full core analysis. The approach is based on a nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithm, the particle swarm optimization algorithm, to …

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  • January 1, 2018