The politics of impression management in organizations: contextual effects Academic Article uri icon


  • The behavioral expression of organizational politics consists of deliberate influence attempts applied by individual actors for purposes of attaining personally desirable goals. The nature of political tactics has been studied extensively (Kipnis et al., 1980; Rao et al., 1995). Impression management has been identified as a specific form of social influence behavior applied by individuals in various contexts (Tadeschi and Melburg, 1984; Jones and Pittman, 1982; Rosenfeld et al., 2002; Wayne and Ferris, 1990). It is widely accepted that the power of the individual in the organization stems not only from his formal position and actual control of resources, but also from the image that person has in the eyes of other members in the organization. One's ability to influence others and affect decision-making processes in the organization therefore depends greatly on the extent to which others believe in this image …

publication date

  • January 1, 2006