Modeling of high-pressure O2 (1^) generators for chemical oxygen-iodine lasers Conference Paper uri icon


  • A theoretical model is developed for chemical generators producing O 2 (1 (Delta)) at high pressure. Such generators are especially important for supersonic chemical oxygen-iodine lasers. The model treats different types of generators, eg, bubble column, film, aerosol, and jet generators. The main factor affecting the O 2 (1 (Delta)) yield under high pressure is liquid-phase quenching enhanced by depletion of HO 2-ions near the gas/liquid interface. Simple analytical expressions are derived for the O 2 (1 (Delta)) yield at the exit of the generator. Output characteristics of different specific generators are calculated and compared with available experimental results. O 2 (1 (Delta)) yield> 0.5 can be achieved for oxygen pressure up to 50 Torr and flowrates of 3 mmol/cm 2 s. For equal velocities of the gas and the liquid the maximum flux of the energy carried by O 2 (1 (Delta)) for jet or …

publication date

  • January 1, 1993