Magnetic susceptibility and magnetic resonance study of acceptor doped fullerenes C-60(MF6)(2) (M = As, Sb, P) Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract In order to check whether superconductivity occurs in the acceptor doped fullerenes C 60 (MF 6) 2 (M= As, P, Sb) and to study their magnetic and structural properties, we have carried out magnetic, EPR and NMR measurements of these compounds. Temperature dependences of magnetic susceptibility down to 5 K and field dependences of magnetic moment at 5 K show no 'bulk'transition in superconducting state. Some reasons of the absence of superconductivity, such as insufficient charge transfer between C 60 and intercalated species and inhomogeneity of the compounds under study, are discussed.

publication date

  • January 1, 2004