HapSticks: tool-mediated interaction with grounding-free haptic interface Conference Paper uri icon


  • If it becomes possible to represent the feelings of manipulating tools in virtual space, it would be applicable to the skill transfer and training. So, in recent years, a variety of tool-type haptic devices have been developed. Most existing tool-type haptic devices need to be grounded or attached to the user's body ([Sandor et al. 2007], [Hirose et al. 2001] et al), because the reaction force of displayed stimuli should be supported somewhere. However, grounded devices usually limit the workspace, and attached devices demand to wear the device. Recently, devices that only render cutaneous sensation were introduced. These devices stimulate the mechanoreceptors in the skin, and are not constrained by grounding [Guinan et al. 2013], [Minamizawa et al. 2008]. To the best of our knowledge, such cutaneous devices have never been used for a tool-mediated interaction with objects.

publication date

  • January 1, 2015