ERS-2 SAR soil moisture and herbaceous biomass monitoring across a semi-arid transect in Israel Academic Article uri icon


  • Relationships between radar backscattering coefficient (σº) and environmental parameters of volumetric soil moisture and biomass were empirically investigated in two sites. These sites represent an annual rainfall change from 450 mm to 250 mm across a semiarid transition zone between Mediterranean and arid environments in Israel. A strong linear correlation was found between ground measurements of volumetric soil moisture taken place at the two sites in three different dates and corresponding radar backscatter intensities measured from ERS-2 SAR images. The slope and intercept values of the regression equation are similar to those reported in other regions of the world. Relationships between the radar backscatter and Herbaceous biomass were examined in areas of homogenous vegetation cover. Results show strong linear correlation between Herbaceous biomass …

publication date

  • January 1, 1998