Infinite dimensional analysis, realizations of infinite products, Ruelle operators and wavelet filters Academic Article uri icon


  • Using the notions and tools from realization in the sense of systems theory, we establish an explicit and new realization formula for families of infinite products of rational matrix-functions of a single complex variable. Our realizations of these resulting infinite products have the following four features: 1) Our infinite product realizations are functions defined in an infinite-dimensional complex domain. 2) Starting with a realization of a single rational matrix-function $M$, we show that a resulting infinite product realization obtained from $M$ takes the form of an (infinite-dimensional) Toeplitz operator with a symbol that is a reflection of the initial realization for $M$. 3) Starting with a subclass of rational matrix functions, including scalar-valued corresponding to low-pass wavelet filters, we obtain the corresponding infinite products that realize the Fourier transforms of generators of $\mathbf L_2(\mathbb R)$ wavelets. 4) We use both the realizations for $M$ and the corresponding infinite product to produce a matrix representation of the Ruelle-transfer operators used in wavelet theory. By matrix representation we refer to the slanted (and sparse) matrix which realizes the Ruelle-transfer operator under consideration. We also consider relations with Schur-Agler classes in an infinite number of variables.42C40,

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  • January 1, 2014