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  • Ischemia decreases the rate of respiration through cytochrome oxidase (COX) in freshly isolated cardiac mitochondria. The COX defect is relieved by freeze/thawing or detergent solubilization of mitochondria to measure COX enzyme activity. This observation suggests that ischemia alters the inner mitochondrial membrane environment of COX, rather than causing damage to a subunit peptide. COX resides in the inner membrane, often in association with other electron transport chain (ETC) complexes, forming ''supercomplexes''. We proposed that an ischemia-induced disruption or reorganization of ETC supercomplexes could provide a mechanism for decreased respiration through COX. Subsarcolemmal (SSM) and interfibrillar (IFM) populations of cardiac mitochondria were isolated from 6 months old Fisher 344 rat hearts following 25 min global ischemia or 40 min non-ischemic time …

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  • December 1, 2007