Efficient aliasing-free HRTF representation Academic Article uri icon


  • Previous studies have shown that individualized head related transfer functions (HRTFs) provide improved localization performance compared to generic HRTF filters, and are therefore considered preferable for binaural sound reproduction. However, individualized HRTFs typically require a large number of measurements, which may extend to several hours. Therefore, they are currently unavailable for the vast majority of users. One approach to lower measurement complexity is to reduce the number of HRTF measurements. This approach although simplifies the measurement process, produces spatial aliasing leading to interpolation error away from the measured directions. In this study, a new method for the measurement of individualized HRTFs with a reduced spatial aliasing error is developed. The reduced spatial aliasing error is achieved by incorporating a small number of individualized HRTF measurements with information from a high resolution HRTFs database, which leads to an optimal interpolation process in the se...

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  • January 1, 2017