Influences of vegetationand rainfall patterns on scaling in Hortonian rainfall-runoff processes Academic Article uri icon


  • The Hortonian rainfall-runoff process is a critical player for ecosystem in semi-arid regions. It has long been recognized that this process is scale dependent, which may have fundamental impact on water resources distribution and ecosystem sustainability in these regions. Recent studies have disclosed complex feedbacks between rainfall, vegetation patches, microtopography and layered soil characteristics in semi-arid ecosystems. The interactions, however, may also affect the scaling of the process. To quantitatively study the impact of vegetation and rainfall properties on the scaling of the rainfall-runoff process, a modeling approach coupling a two-dimensional surface runoff model and a two-layer conceptual infiltration model was employed. Having been validated in a semi-arid field plot in the Lehavim LTER in Southern Israel, the model was applied to a series of plots of …

publication date

  • December 1, 2015