A novel perfusion bioreactor providing a homogenous milieu for tissue regeneration. Academic Article uri icon


  • We developed a novel perfusion bioreactor that is capable of cultivating multiple 3-dimensional (3D) cellular constructs in one flow chamber with a total cross-section area of 20cm2. Two unique features integrated into the bioreactor provided a homogenous fluid flow along the bioreactor cross-section and maximal exposure of the cellular constructs to the perfusing medium. Mathematical modeling of the fluid flow regime in the perfusion bioreactor showed that integrating a flow-distributing mesh 1.5 cm upstream from the construct compartment imposed an equal medium flow and shear stress of 0.6 dynes /cm2 along the entire cell construct cross-section area. The design of 95.8%open-pore-area fixing nets enabled the exposure of 99.88% of the cell construct volume to the perfusing medium. Cardiac cell constructs seeded with physiologically relevant cell density (0.7×108 cells/cm3) in alginate scaffolds developed into homogenous compacted cardiac tissue, as judged using cell stainingwith fluorescein diacetate and...

publication date

  • January 1, 2006