Bounds on the performance of back-to-front airplane boarding policies Academic Article uri icon


  • The process of airplane boarding is experienced daily by millions of passengers worldwide. Reductions in gate delays would yield significant economic benefits from more efficient use of aircraft and airport infrastructure and would also improve passenger experience. See Van Landeghem and Beuselinck, [8], Marelli et al., [5] and Van den Briel et al., [6,7] for an extensive discussion … Airplane boarding has been studied using detailed computer simulations by Van Landeghem and Beuselinck, [8], Marelli et al., [5], Van den Briel et al. [6,7] and Ferrari and Nagel, [3]. Bachmat et al., [1,2], have introduced an analytical model which was shown to be in nearly complete agreement with the results of the aforementioned simulation studies … (1) k − 1 k + 1 − ln 2 k … As was argued in [2], in reality the congestion factor k is around 4. For this value of the congestion factor, our result shows that no back-to-front policy can …

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  • January 1, 2008