Modeling recrystallization kinetics Academic Article uri icon


  • A previously derived integral equation formulation for the kinetics of nucleation and growth transformations, that substitutes for the classical Kolmogorov—Johnson—Mehl—Avrami model, has been adapted to grain-edge and grain-boundary nucleated recrystallization kinetics. The resulting integral equations for the recrystallized volume fraction evolution are indirectly proportional to the initial grain size. The equation that gives the evolution of the interfacial area per unit volume separating recrystallized grains from the deformed matrix (an often used microstructural property for characterizing recrystallization kinetics) is reassessed, as well as the global, Cahn—Hagel, interface migration rate.Experimental observations of isothermal recrystallization in iron and copper are shown to be soundly represented by the new kinetic integral equations. However, any analysis of recrystallization kinetics should not be based solely on fitting theoretical curves to experimental data, but should be accompanied by microstructural (or other) evidence for the operative nucleation mechanism and the dimensionallity of growth in the particular recrystallization process studied.

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  • August 1, 1996