Interaction between nonstoichiometric titanium carbide and Fe-C alloys Academic Article uri icon


  • This article describes a thermodynamic analysis, and the experimental verification, of the chemical interaction between nonstoichiometric titanium carbide and molten Fe-C alloys. The calculation and the analysis of the isothermal sections of the ternary Fe-Ti-C phase diagram in the 1500° C to 1600° C temperature range show that variations in composition and in the metal-ceramic ratio can occur in the course of the TiC x-(Fe-C) composite preparation. These changes, in particular, those of the carbon content in the interacting phases, can affect the microstructure and properties of the resulting composite. The experimental results support the predictions of the equilibrium calculations, according to which nonstoichiometric titanium carbide tends toward the stoichiometric composition by absorbing carbon dissolved in the metallic binder or by releasing titanium to the melt. The …

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  • October 1, 1999